Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adventures In Weaning

I haven't breastfed Beaner in about two weeks. She still asks for it if she wakes up from a nightmare, or hurts herself, or is generally in a bad mood. I offer a substitute of dried fruit, or a cheesestick (her favorite) and breastfeeding is forgotten. Her nursing sessions were already down to before nap and before bed. Months ago we replaced the nap nursing with "napsnack" which is some crackers and a bit of milk. We replaced the evening nursing with "milksnack" which is usually milk and some banana, or turkey breast.

It makes me sad that our breastfeeding journey has come to an end, simply for the fact that it was an easy fix for comfort and made middle of the night wakings much easier. The upside is that the comfort can now come from my husband, instead of my breasts. They are creating a stronger bond and I am not always the first one she runs to if she has an owie, or has a question. I am also glad that I will no longer have to deal with the gasps of incredulity when people find out Beaner is 2.5 years old. "You're still breastfeeding?" I definitely won't miss those conversations.

Next up, weaning her off television. If I have to watch Team Umizoomi one more time...


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