Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Been Awhile!

We've been SO busy around here, it's really not funny.

Hubby and I hit Sin City for my birthday/our wedding anniversary, then we had a visit from my Mom as soon as we returned. Top that off with babysitting for friends, and normal summer activities with Beaner and holy hannah I've been one crazybusy turkey!

I know, what's with my descriptions today? Crazy!

Some big going ons with Beaner. We've finally transitioned her out of her crib and into a bed. I was so worried but she's really all about "big girl" stuff these days, so there's been little to no issues. Yay! Her vocabulary has had another explosion (as has her swearing. Bad Mommy. BAD!) and she's obsessed with reading and going to the library. I couldn't be happier, as I'm hoping to incorporate reading hour, where Mommy gets to read a novel as Beaner reads her books beside me. I miss reading novels SO much!

I finished the 365 Project, save for the captions. I am SUCH a slacker when it comes to my free time. I rarely do productive things, like I have on my lists, and instead I watch reality tv. Oops!

What non-productive things do you do once the kid(s) is asleep?