Monday, October 25, 2010

Around The House

While thinking of things to do with jelly bean on a cold, wet, Sunday afternoon, I remembered a bag of makeup sponges in various geometric shapes.

Shapes are all the rage in our house these days. "Mommy! That's a circle" "I has triangle!"

I poured a few different bowls of paint, threw down a dropcloth, handed her the sponges and some paper and I let her go to town.

 And to town she went!

At some point, she forgot about the sponges altogether.

For half a bag of dollar store sponges and some paint, I had a very happy toddler and some new art for our walls. I can see us running out of space soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday Update & Something For You

Despite many last minute cancellations, jelly bean had a stellar birthday party.  I could rant about how much food I bought that never got used, or how the cleanup took forever, or how the damn cake stained us all blue for days... but no, that won't be happening.

Instead, let's focus on the positive! My beautiful girl was surrounded by people who love her, which is better than any gift anyone could have bestowed upon her. As she gets older, she starts to form stronger attachments to family, but also to my friends. It's the people who don't have to be in her life, but choose to be, that mean the most to me.

And, so this isn't simply an indulgent mama post, here's a treat for you accessory hounds!

Use the following link to sign up at my favorite accessory haunt, ShoeDazzle, and receive 20% off your first item! Kim Kardashian's monthly styling service is amazing and I have been hooked since June (much to my husband's dismay). Simply take their quick style survey and wait for them to put together a showroom for you to peruse. Footwear, jewelry and handbags await! And the best part, aside from their amazing customer service? Everything is just 39.95$ USD!

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Happy dazzling, fellow divas!