Monday, December 27, 2010

No Sew Blanket & Pillow Tutorial

Stephanie from Stephanie At Home shows us how to make this super gorgeous blanket and, my favorite part, there's absolutely ZERO sewing involved! As a bonus, she's showing us how to make a matching no sew pillow as well. Not gonna lie, I'm a sucker for an animal print.

Click here for the full tutorial!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

...and to all, a good night.

Boy, have I been busy!

I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to make gift baskets of baked goods and give them as gifts this Christmas. I'm not a baker, and I don't claim to be but I can follow a recipe and I know what tastes good, so off I went. I asked my husband what he liked and he decided that he wanted butter tarts, sugar cookies, and short bread. To that I added some recipes I wanted to try; chocolate butter cookies, peppermint bark, molasses cookies, white chocolate candy cane popcorn, and peanut butter blossoms. It nearly killed me, but I got it all done.

This was 5 baskets worth of goodies. 

I finished everything the night of the 23rd because I started giving them out on the 24th. Sadly, I had none for me. *sadface*

Beaner attended the children's Christmas party put on by my husband's work and was enthralled by it all. She was so very excited to see Santa. That is, until she ran into the life sized version of her favorite bear. The company mascot was there, greeting people and walking around the facility. Beaner adores her small stuffed version, and sleeps with it and basically carts it around the house all day. She spent the entire party following this bear around, getting hugs and telling it that she loved him. Reindeer, crafts, bouncy house, petting zoo, Santa! treats...none of it compared to meeting her favorite teddy bear. She was a little confused at to how he got out of her crib, but she quickly accepted my explanation that this was her bear's big brother.

She was so proud of her snowman.

Many crafts were completed, zoolights were seen, and Beaner enjoyed her very first cup of hot chocolate. She's hooked for life! She was introduced to the Grinch, Rudolph, Curious George, and Charlie Brown. I got all the gifts on my list, did it all on time, and without an ounce of energy to spare. Was it worth it? You bet! Will I do baking as gifts again? Not a chance, and if I suggest otherwise, I give you permission to give me a virtual slap or 6.

I hope you all had an incredible holiday and I'll talk to you again soon!