Sunday, May 8, 2011

Put Your Tiny Hand In Mine

George Michael, how I adore thee.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. I was spoiled with flowers, a new water bottle (seems like a weird gift, but given I work out every day, it was a great gift) and I got to sleep until I had my fill today. I sit here sipping my coffee, catching up on my fellow bloggers and their sites, and enjoying the peace and quiet that is only achieved through Beaner and the hubby napping. What a great day thus far!

Weaning is complete. She asks to breastfeed very rarely and when I remind her that my milk is all gone, she's accepting of that and moves on to something else. It's bittersweet, for sure. Gone is the easy fix for sickness, scrapes, nightmares, and comfort. I have to say though, I am relieved that I can close that chapter. I was going to sell our breastfeeding pillow, but I think I will restuff it and make a new cover for it so we can use it in the living room for movie nights. Also, that's something that can stick around forever and she can draw comfort from.

My battle with depression and side effects has become manageable. I have been struggling with insomnia for a few weeks but I think I've figured that out as well. Fingers crossed!

I am still going strong on my weight loss journey. I have lost a total of 26 lbs and it's showing no signs of slowing down. I wish I had some magic secret to share with you all but really, it's simply the hard work of diet and exercise. My only advise is to count calories. It made a world of difference for me, since I had no idea what I was consuming and I was rather shocked once I found out.

I hope everyone is doing well! Stay tuned, as this week I am beginning a series on spring cleaning and purging your home of unneeded thingies and baubles.