Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Tenderness of a Toddler

Sometimes I am simply blown away by how tender, gentle, and understanding children can be. Amidst the tantrums and the "BUT I WANT IT, IT'S MINE!" moments are the instances that are forever etched in my heart. I am so grateful for these etchings.

I have been dealing with some wicked side effects from the Cipralex my doctor just put me on. I am also dealing with a sinus & tonsil infection, which I have been put on antibiotics for and may also be throwing some side effects at me. For the past 3 days I have been vomiting, dizzy, weak, and constantly dripping from the nose. Last night was the worst because I couldn't get any long stretches of sleep. It's been rough, I'm not going to pretend to be superwoman. I'm barely managing to stay upright long enough to feed and clothe my child, and everything else is pretty much on the back burner.

Beaner is well aware of how sick I am. She's vomited before, she knows how much it sucks to "have the puke-ies", as she called them. So, when I went running for the bathroom this morning, she was hot on my heels. "Mommy! You puke-ies in the toilet please! I'm here Mommy. It's ok, I got you, you're safe". She patted my head and back, handed me a towel and my water bottle and gave me hugs when I was done. Here is my 2 year old daughter comforting me as I sobbed between heaves, telling me that it was ok and would be over soon.

Maybe I'm not doing such a bad job with her, after all.


Kaisey said...

awww so sweet!

Tera said...

@Kaisey: She's such an amazing kid. It's easy to forget that when we're all caught up in the emotional storm that is a two year old.

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