Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time-Out For Love

In the spirit of Valentine's Day I am posting a few things for the most important people in our lives; our kids. In the face of the commercial frenzy over pre-bought valentines for the kids, generic chocolates in a heart shaped box, and the ridiculously overpriced roses that are the standard, we rebelled. Since we love each other every day, we don't feel the need to express it on one single day simply because we're told we should. Ok, that's not ENTIRELY true, as we celebrate our wedding anniversary every year with romance and nostalgia, but you get the idea.

So, instead, we focus on our daughter, the real proof of our love. In that vein, I want to share with you a list that I stumbled across from The Mother Huddle. Here are 40 simple ways to show your child that you love them, and that you are thinking of them. The beauty is that you can use any of these tips at any time of the year, and combine them in any manner you wish.

Here's a few to get you interested:

o1. Take them to a movie they want to see.

o2. Go on a treasure hunt (collect all the loose change around the house/car) together and then make a trip to the arcade with your findings.

o3. Take a long nature walk together, at their pace. Let them lead the conversation.

o4. Find qualities about them that you genuinely love, and compliment them in front of others.

o5. Frame a photo of the two of you, and display it in their room. to see the rest.


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