Sunday, January 16, 2011

What was I thinking??

For the last two years I've allowed my OCD to dictate how I put away beaner's toys. Blocks get put away with other blocks, jewelry goes in it's case, food in the play kitchen, Little People in their bin....and so on, and neverendingly so forth. It was getting so time consuming and yet, I kept doing it. Until this week, that is. Something snapped in my brain and I had a moment. I literally said out loud "if no one else cares how they're sorted, why do I?"
Let me tell you folks, it was a frigging epiphany or something equally as awesome and rare. I giggled with maniacal glee as Little People were thrown in with the tea set, blocks started cavorting with dinky cars, and, GASP!, puzzle pieces were thrown haphazardly in a bucket instead of being put back in the puzzle. Once I get more bins for the Expedit, there will be more toy mingling happening as everything gets thrown in together.

It may not seem like much to some people, but to break that little compulsion of mine is a HUGE deal and really a massive time saver. It only took 2 years of meticulous toy separating for me to finally say enough is enough.

Now, if only I could convince Beaner that she really doesn't need to sleep with her entire book and toy collection....


Amie said...

I would not consider myself an OCD type personality but with toys it drives me nuts when things are not put in the right spot. I too am getting over it. Cute post. I'm your newest follower from Everything mom. Check out my blog at

Tera said...

Thanks for reading!

I still haven't overcome the need to sort her bookshelf, but I'm working on it.

Great blog, looking forward to reading!

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