Friday, November 19, 2010

And Then There Was Thunderdome

At some point between the coughing and the fever subsiding, thieves made off with my sweet, easygoing Beaner. Now, I'm left with a short fused, contrary fiend who has an epic meltdown at even the slightest perception of not getting her own way. Of course, with a meltdown comes flailing, and with flailing comes smacking the head on whatever object tends to be in the way. Namely, the floor.

This coincides with us weaning her off television. Not only was I tired of watching Dora and Wiggles for hours on end, but it was getting far too easy to turn the tv on and let her watch while I got some work done, or cleaned the house, or just tried to catch a breather. While her mood might not be caused by the lack of her favorite shows, it sure isn't endearing us to the little drama queen.

It's a rough go of it as she screams for Dora, but it's worth it to break the habit now, instead of battling her on it later. Good thing I have lots of craft ideas and art supplies! I may not be Dora, but there's lots of awesome things in my backpack.


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