Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Menu Planning

Since I had jelly bean I've found myself to be overwhelmed with what to make for dinners and lunches every day. Ok, I've really be overwhelmed by my hatred of dishes, but we'll just include that in the broad spectrum of meal planning. Anyone want to recommend a decent counter-top dishwasher?

Digression, thy name be Tera!

Seriously though, meal planning was an issue for the first year because I had really nasty post-partum and the hubby simply can't cook to save his life. Thankfully, I have the internet and a local craft store that carried a magnetic menu planning book I stuck to my freezer. I am usually pretty good about figuring meals out now, but I've been lazy and slacking this summer, what with all the spur of the moment farmer's market visits and random produce I seem to come home with.

All that being said (rambled? I need a coffee!) I bring you a great basic menu planning "tutorial", so to speak. Tsh from Simple Mom details menu planning, grocery shopping for it and just about everything you need to know for both. Check out the links at the bottom of her post for even more helpful links!

Get all the details HERE.


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