Wednesday, March 31, 2010

love love love love

Every so often we are graced with a spirit so pure, so unselfish, that to lose it, humanity should weep as a whole.

Eva Markvoort died this week after a lifetime battle with cystic fibrosis. Eva was the subject of a documentary called 65_RedRoses (airing this Friday on CBC) that followed her wait for a double lung transplant. She also maintained a blog of the same name over at livejournal, which is where I had the privilege of reading Eva's trials and triumphs in life. Her family is graciously still updating the blog as more news of Eva's triumphs are posthumously reported.

Even to her last (literally) breath Eva encouraged us all to have hope, to be generous with ourselves and, most importantly, to love. Love fully, love completely, love often, LOVE. She has inspired me to try and not focus so much on the negative, to appreciate what I have, and to feel the love.

Eva was an organ donor, and I am too. Are you?

Don't you think you should be?

Happy Birthday Eva. I hope there's just as much love where you are now


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